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Stocktake System

Package consists of Label Printer, 2D Imaging Scanner and Application Software to complete a full stocktake.

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NSW School Stocktake Overview
Our system enables a complete and easy path for completing your stocktake.
There are 3 main steps involved –
1 Printing labels and affixing to your equipment and rooms.
2 Scanning each room label and equipment within each room
3 Running NSW School Stocktake App  for data matching by Barcode number.

What is included?
Bixolon SLPTX400 USB Thermal Transfer label Printer, first roll of 1,000 Drumtac heavy duty labels and 1,000 Clear Overlay Labels and Thermal Transfer ribbon.
Bixolon Label Artist software for creating Equipment and Room labels.
DATALOGIC Memor X3 mobile computer 2D Imager, Windows Mobile CE Version 6.0 and Docking Station.
NSW Schools Stocktake Application Software.

What are the ongoing costs?
Labels, overlay labels, ribbon and Yearly Subscription for NSW School Stocktake App.

Let’s put ongoing costs into perspective.
Ribbon length of 300 metres will print 5 rolls+ of labels.
Roll 1,000 labels after initial labelling; if you add 200 items each year a roll will last 5 years
Printer and scan system have no use by date.
Inexpensive Annual subscription fee for NSW School Stocktake App which includes any changes made.

What are the benefits to for Me and My School?
The pain is taken out of completing a stocktake so staff will be happy to complete the task.
Nearly all Schools implementing our system have found Equipment that has never been on the Equipment Register.
Once complete you know  the Stocktake is accurate and you can be totally confident that an item marked as sighted is in fact sighted.
Date and Time stamp is automatically for each item scanned gives true accountability.
You will save time, time and more time and money while providing accuracy:
– This becomes a one person task.
– All a person needs is to move around the school with the scanner.
– The human element is taken out of the equation (such as reading serial numbers and or barcode numbers).
– The Application does the data matching within a few minutes saving the time of a person manually updating the Equipment Register.
– A basic but detailed report is generated for each item showing updated items, updated items with room changes and not sighted items at the end providing you a Your To Do list for unsighted items.

A few questions for you.
Currently, to complete a stocktake approximately how long do you spend in staff hours?
This includes time spent preparing for stocktake, printing pages to mark off items found, then physically walking around the school to sight items, then entering the sighted items, entering room changes, sorting again to print a second list of items not sighted.
Taking this in mind approximately how much does it cost to complete a stocktake?
When completed how confident are you with the stocktake result?


1. Printer and Label Printing

Tutorial – Installing Bixolon SLPTX400G Printer

Download – Bixolon SLPTX400 Printer Driver Install File

Tutorial – Installing Label Artist Software

Download – Bixolon Label Artist Link for creating labels install file

Tutorial – How To Set up and Print Labels for the First Time

Tutorial – Printing Labels for New Equipment

2. Scanner and Scanning

Windows Mobile Device Install
Microsoft Mobile Device Centre
Email direct to admin@cartertech.com.au for directions

PAL Communicator

3. NSW Stocktake App

NSW School Stocktake

Using NSW School Stocktake Application

Archiving Last Year’s Files

Getting Ready For Stocktake


Plain Poly White Thermal Transfer
Aggressive adhesive
50mm wide x 28mm high
1,000 labels per roll
Order Code       LAB5028PDWAS38       $90.00ex GST

Clear Overlay labels
55mm wide x 35mm high
1,000 labels per roll
Order Code        LAB5535PCS40             $35.00 ex GST

Full Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon
55mm x 300MM
Order Code         TRR55300B25              $90.00 ex GST

Cost of Stocktake